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Kuala Lumpur: feels like home (June 14-28 and June 5-6, Sven)

Posted by goofingaroundinasia on September 24, 2009 at 2:17 AM

It actually felt great to be back in Kuala Lumpur - I had been there quite a couple of times, I knew the city quite well, my friend Nabil was so kind to let us stay over at his apartment, it was great to see my friends there again, it actually felt like coming home :)

  • Nathalie hadn't been to Kuala Lumpur yet, so the first day we went for a walk along Chinatown and Little India, then on to KLCC and the Golden Triangle. Quite a long walk and her foot -  which was still not okay, she was supposed to rest instead but she couldn't sit still - hurt when we got back;
  • Of course we enjoyed the local food - Nabil took us to a food court and my friend Joey introduced us to some local food. Did you know that they can turn a whole chicken into some powder, called "chicken floss"? Scary thought :)
  • Nabil recommended us to visit Lake Gardens, a big park. It wasn't easy to find as the KL City Map I had was terrible, but it was worth it. We really enjoyed our walk there and my friend Joey joined us;
  • It was great catching up again with Somsiah and her son Rezuan, who had hosted Olivier and I during our first visit to Kuala Lumpur. As usual she spoilt us way too much and cooked great food for us;
  • Nathalie managed to get 2 tickets for the Skybridge between the Petronas Towers. First we were shown a commercial about Petronas, then we took the elevator up the 41st floor, going really fast (1 floor / second!). Once arrived at the Skybridge, we were allowed to look around there for 10 minutes - which is not long, but it was enough to take some nice pictures;

  • My friend Joey took a day off from work ("emergency leave" they call it :)) and we went on a day trip to Kanching Waterfalls north of Kuala Lumpur. Really nice day trip, great to do some jungle hiking, climbing and bathing in the pools. We had to watch out for the monkeys though, making sure they wouldn't run off with our pic-nic;

  • I met up a few times again with my friend Fanny. Checked out some local Chinese food and we visited 2 pubs: Reggae Bar and The Beatles Pub. The latter had a karaoke, so we had to sing a few songs :)
  • When I was in Singapore, Angela had told me about Rockaway 2009, a rock festival in KL she would go to - and seeing Olivier and I previously hadn't been able to find some decent live music in KL, I just had to check it out. Joey and Fanny joined me to the rock festival and we met up there with Angela and her friends. The first bands were terrible, though I was really impressed with Joey managing to stay for quite a long time, even though she didn't like the music at all. She even managed to sip a bit of beer when one of Angela's friends bought us a beer, haha :) After a while Joey left (Fanny had left already, she had another appointment). Later in the evening, the bands became better and Angela and her friends and I really enjoyed the music. The organization of the event was quite funny though ; in order to get a beer you had to get into the media / vip only stand. You were actually not allowed to go in there and the security guy wouldn't let us in, a simple "I want to get a beer" was sufficient to let us in, haha. I ended up staying until one of the last acts, then I rushed back to take the last LRT back to Nabil's apartment where I was staying;

Nathalie and I also discussed our further travel plans. Her foot wasn't healing as fast as she wanted and that really annoyed her, making her decide that she needed some time by herself. That's why she decided to travel to Borneo. I would spend some more time in Kuala Lumpur, then go to Perhentian Islands.

- Sven

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