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August 7 - 9 - Border run + hanging out with friends in Kuala Lumpur, Sven

Posted by goofingaroundinasia on September 26, 2009 at 4:42 AM

So my plans had changed and I wanted to stay in Indonesia for another month (Efrata and I wanted to travel around Bali, Flores and Sumba), but my 30-day VISA on arrival was running out... And it can't be extended so I had to do a "border run" - go to another country, come back and apply for a new VISA on arrival.


So I booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur, the cheapest flight available, and familiar territory, Kuala Lumpur really started to feel like home.


When I left Indonesia, however, I was stopped by an immigration officer, telling me that I had overrun my VISA for 2 days. I had entered the country on July 7 and interpreted the VISA on arrival to be valid for "one month"... in fact it turned out to be valid for exactly 30 days... So I should have left the country 2 days already... whoops :( I had to follow the guy to some desk, explained about the misunderstanding. Well, no problem, but I would have to pay a US $40 fine... quite annoying, but not much I could do, right?


I didn't do that much in Kuala Lumpur - did some shopping, walked around and discovered some more of the city, hung out with my friends Fanny and Surayya. I stayed with a local cs'er, Adrian, who had hosted Efrata before on her last trip to Kuala Lumpur. He was really nice, I spent some time with him and had some interesting conversations.


On Sunday I took the flight back to Denpasar (Bali). It was a great surprise that Efrata was waiting for me at the airport and it was great seeing her again.

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