Olivier and Sven goofing around in Asia

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               Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp

Both of us have always been attracted by mountains. Being amongst the clouds makes us happy and gives us a boost of energy. It feels like entering a new world and we just can't get enough of it. Since last week, we finally know the details of our trek in Nepal, which we both consider one of the highlights of our journey, so we are happy that we can share this with all of you!

There's actually a quite nice story attached to the planning of this particular trek. Initially, we just wanted to go to Nepal (Pokhara or Kathmandu) and plan an independent trek ourselves, looking for guides and porters at the spot. We wanted to avoid the trekking organisations and shop around when arriving in Nepal. That was until we met Luk and Wendy... 

During the weekend of August 23rd and August 24th, Olivier organized a Couchsurfing meeting at Moonrock, a famous free open-air music festival in the city centre of Mechelen. Last year's edition was a blast so we decided to do it again. Of course Sven was also there to join the festivities. On Saturday we met Luk and Wendy(from Hombeek near Mechelen)at the festival and started talking to them. We soon found out that they were passionate travelers with a great upcoming trip as well : they will go to Asia for 6 months followed by 6 months in South America. They had already planned a trek in Nepal for October. The four of us talked for a long time and we shared all the enthusiasm of our upcoming travel plans with some good live music in the background.

Luk and Wendy are experienced travelers who know how to organize an adventurous trip. We soon found out that they booked their trek in Nepal through Arjunwho is the City Ambassador of Kathmandu and who is also running his own trekking organization called Himalayan Humanitywhich is in many ways different from the other trekking organisations in Nepal. It's economically and environmentally responsable and Arjun makes sure that his staff is being treated in a good way. This idea really appealed to us and it was also one of the reasons for Luk and Wendy to book their trek with Arjun's organisation. We wrote some messages to Arjun about trekking in the Himalayas, and soon we started thinking about joining the trek that Luk and Wendy had already booked : the mighty Everest Base Camp Trek!!!

Of course, Mount Everest is the queen of all mountains in the Himalayas, and catching a glimpse of it is a wet dream for every mountain lover. The Everest Base Camp Trek goes up to an attitude of 5545 metres and offers breathtaking views of Mount Everest from there. It's a quite strenuous trek so it will be a great challenge to all four of us. Unfortunately, the risk of High Altitude Sickness is quite big for this particular trek since it starts at an altitude of 2850 metres (by flying to Lhukla from Kathmandu). However, our guide about trekking in Nepal offered a good alternative for this : taking the bus to Jiri which is located on the same route at an altitude of 1935 metres. This gives us a few more days to climatize so we will probably go for that option, which means that the total duration of the trek will be about 24 days. Our trek is scheduled to start in Lhukla on Tuesday October 14th, but we'll probably begin in Jiri on Saturday October 11th or Sunday October 12th. Don't miss out on our great adventures in the Himalayas!!!