Olivier and Sven goofing around in Asia

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today

                  Some links to websites that we like


  • Trekearth, a website with amazing pictures from all over the world. This website makes you feel like packing your backpack and leave immediately!
  • Travbuddy, a website with pictures and travel blogs from all over the world
  • Hetwereldvenster.nl, a website with pictures and travel blogs from all over the world.
  • Chyi's (our Japanese friend) personal website where she uploads a lot of nice pictures and also writes some very interesting articles about her travels
  • Marc and Pavla from Tilburg in The Netherlands packed their stuff and left on a long trip around the world on April 30th 2007. They are still on the road and they inspired us a lot with their stories and pictures!
  •  Pieter and Inge's travel blog. They went on a world trip as well and provided us with a lot of useful information at the Travel & Talk fair in Bruges as well as via e-mail. Thanks a lot!
  • Trabel, a very useful website for people who want to enjoy Belgium and all of its beauty. It gives a lot of insightful information about most Belgian cities and it's all in English. Olivier uses this website quite often when showing his guests around in Belgium
  • dohop.com, skylow.com and skyscanner.net, three flight planner websites that enable you to check for most flexible and low fare flights
  • diplomatie.be, which provides updated information per country for travellers on political situations and potential danger
  • Everestzondergrenzen.be , which includes the blog of Marjolein De Bruycker who climbed the Mt. Everest to support the organisation Artsen Zonder Grenzen